Independent Jack Russell
Terrier Breeders Asso

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Welcome to the

'Independent Jack Russell Terrier Breeders Assoc'  Web Site.

and the home of 'Dibren Jack Russell Terriers'..

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You may download free back issues of the Club's Quarterly 'News Letter' from the Documents Page attached to The Photo Gallery.


'The Independent Jack Russell Terrier Breeders Assoc' is just that, an ‘Association’ of like minded Jack Russell Terrier Breeders who wish to maintain the purity of their beloved Terriers but not to the whims of the Show Ring.

Brendon & Diane Wilkinson and a number of Queensland Breeders developed the Breed Club in 1994, following the Acceptance by the ANKC, here in Australia, of the Jack Russell Terrier as a 'Show Dog' - against the wishes of the Reverend Jack Russell Esq. Who upon developing the Breed in the U/k many years ago forbid them EVER TO BE SHOWN - they were bred as a strain or type of working terrier and he wished them to be just that - for ever.

The Registration - Pedigree Paperwork of the Independent Club is not accepted into the A.N.K.C, but there again, neither are the Registration Pedigree Paperwork of the JRTCofA (The Foundation Club – here in Australia)